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Matador Performance offers the latest procedures and technology to maximize your health. We are the Lowcountry’s only health performance center established by urologists. We offer treatment for ED, body sculpting and muscle building, incontinence, overactive bladder, hair loss, peyronies, and premature ejaculation. We also offer several specialty products to help you look and feel your best.

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work out your muscles in a new way…

Emsculpt ® utilizes the newest technology to sculpt your body by increasing lean muscle mass and destroying fat cells. Get your abs back, improve your arms, add power to your glutes, and tone your thighs.


Improve your core strength and improve your life! By strengthening and toning your core you can help reduce injury, improve your posture, and increase your athletic performance.

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Do you have incontinence?

Emsella ® is the first FDA cleared non-invasive treatment of its kind to treat stress and urge incontinence. It is also helpful for other lower urinary tract symptoms.

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Sexual Health

About 40% of men 40 and older have erectile dysfunction (ED). We specialize in the treatment of ED and offer modern therapy options tailored to meet your needs.


Symptoms of low testosterone include fatigue and low sex drive. We offer efficient appointments to minimize wait times for T-replacement.

Weight Loss

We offer medical weight loss designed specifically for men, rather than using general weight loss programs primarily targeted for women. Men’s metabolisms are different and we offer an easy, medically guided approach to make reaching your weight loss goals attainable.

Let’s Fix it

Erectile dysfunction? We can fix that. From medications to cutting edge therapies, we’ve got it. Our virtual visits get medication delivered discretely to your doorstep. If you prefer to correct the problem at the source, we also offer solutions to do just that. Schedule your consult today.


Stop Hair Loss

Stop hair loss before it happens: a little preventative maintenance now means keeping more hair later. We have FDA-approved medications available for much less than other hair-loss treatment websites.


Specialty Products


Rx Skin

Matador offers a full line of private label shaving and hair products to help you look your best. From hair loss, to acne, to rosacea, we have prescription strength products designed to work.


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