Matador Performance Health Treatments

Matador Performance focuses on improving your overall health. We believe in helping each patient win from within. This means if you want to maximize your body’s performance, we’re here to assist you. The following are the services we offer to get you back on track and stay at your optimal level.

Improve Your Core Strength and Sculpt Your Body

Introducing Emsculpt®, a revolutionary way to build muscle, increase strength, and trim fat. Emsculpt® utilizes HIFEM technology to help you build an average of 16% increased muscle mass and a 19% drop in abdominal fat. It is currently FDA cleared for abdomen, buttocks, thighs, and arms. While Emsculpt® can help your appearance, it more importantly builds muscle strength. This is a breakthrough for anyone that has noticed decreased performance and stamina. Add power back to your athletic performance or break through that plateau with just 4 short sessions.

Improve Your Sexual Health 

Erectile dysfunction, or ED, affects approximately 40 percent of men after they turn 40 years old. That’s why it is a common condition among men. You’re different, though. In fact, you’re not common. So, why should you live your life with ED? With our help, you will find the best solution to improve your sexual health. We offer: 

Medication: We have a full line of ED prescription medications to improve your sexual function. 

Gainswave®: Gainswave® is a noninvasive treatment that utilizes sound energy to improve the function of the corpora cavernosa of your penis. As you age, your cavernous bodies become matted, or fibrotic. This produces inadequate blood flow to your penis. Your blood vessels supply and sensitivity decreases. These three factors cause ED. The sound energy, which consists of 2 sponge-like cylinders, inflate your blood. This causes an erection. The technology is the same as lithotripsy, which breaks up kidney stones. However, our technology uses approximately 1/10 the energy required in lithotripsy. The purpose of the sound energy is to break up the fibrosis and rejuvenate the nerves in your penis. 

Platelet Rich Plasma: Platelet Rich Plasma, or PRP, is another ED treatment. It uses your own blood, drawn from your arm, to improve your ED. The red cells and water are eliminated from your blood. The serum left, which consists of plasma, growth factors and stem cells, is injected into your cavernous bodies to improve their function. 

Regain Your Continence

  • Emsella®: Emsella® utilizes brand new technology as a non-invasive treatment to treat incontinence. No matter if you have stress or urge incontinence, or incontinence after prostate surgery, Emsella® can help get you out of pads and back to your normal routine.

Lose the Weight You Want Without Compromise

Matador Performance is devoted to finding you the best medical program for weight loss. Our programs are specifically designed to help your achieve your goals quickly and easily.
Our weight loss options include: 

Diet Plans: One of our comprehensive diet programs will guide you to the best way to lose weight by eating healthier. 
Exercise: We have customized exercise plans, as well as Emsculpt body shaping that are included as part of our comprehensive package to help you lose weight. Don’t waste money on a personal trainer when our comprehensive medical staff is here to help you. 
Medications: Another option to help you lose weight is medication. We offer a variety of medications to assist you in reaching your goals of losing weight permanently. 

 Everyone has different goals for losing weight. Maybe you want to shed a few pounds for the summer. Maybe your goal is a whole-body transformation. Whatever your needs, we have the solution. 

Optimize Your Physical Performance

Men who suffer from low energy and/or a sluggish libido may have low testosterone levels. Low testosterone levels negatively affect your energy levels, mood, and sex drive. Testosterone therapy, or T-Replacement, provides you with the amount of testosterone needed to function at your normal, physical level. Avoid the long pharmacy lines, waiting in a medical office, and the annoying co-pays. We have the testosterone replacement options you want without the traditional hassles of going to those places. 

Overcome Your Aches and Pains

Some people accept that aches and pains are a part of being an athlete or growing older. Why accept a fate that’s not part of your future? Orthowave therapy, our state-of-the-art technology, promotes healing and relief from most common orthopedic injuries and pain in your: 

  1. Shoulder

  2. Back

  3. Knee

  4. Foot

  5. Elbow

Orthowave therapy is a therapy used in sports medicine, orthopedics, and physiotherapy. The purpose of Orthowave therapy is to restore your mobility and eliminate pain. The acoustic wave carries high energy to your musculoskeletal tissues and painful areas. The energy regenerates and repairs your tendons, bones and other soft tissues. 

It’s Time to Schedule Your Consultation Today

Do you have ED? Do you want to lose weight with the help of a weight loss prescription? Are you ready to increase your mobility and become physically fit? Now is the time. Don’t wait any longer. Contact us to schedule your consultation today. At Matador, we offer a full line of private label products to improve your look and help you to feel and look better. Your time is now. Contact us today.